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WooCommerce Bookings: Multiple resources per product

by Alex Carr10/04/2024

At Morningstar Digital, we're committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with digital solutions. Our experience spans from crafting bespoke websites for small businesses to deploying scalable e-commerce solutions for global enterprises. Today, we're diving deep into a common challenge many of our clients face: managing bookings for multiple resources per product in WooCommerce.

The Challenge at Hand

WooCommerce Bookings offers a robust platform for online businesses, but its standard booking functionalities can sometimes fall short for those requiring management of multiple resources per product. Whether it's booking an entire facility or allocating various resources for a single booking, the need for a more tailored solution is clear.

Our Solution: A Custom Code Walkthrough for WooCommerce Bookings

We've developed a custom code solution designed to expand WooCommerce's booking capabilities. This solution is ideal for full facility hires but is adaptable for various other needs. Let's walk through the key components of our code:

1. Adding a Custom Field for Resource Requirements

Firstly, we introduce a new option within the WooCommerce product data tab. This checkbox allows you to specify if all resources are required for booking a product. It's a crucial first step in ensuring your bookings are handled accurately according to your business needs.

2. Saving the Custom Field Value

When changes are made to the product, our code ensures that the state of the new checkbox is saved, keeping your product data consistent and up-to-date.

3. Adjusting Availability Based on Resource Requirements

Our solution then modifies the booking availability, ensuring that a product can only be booked if all required resources are available. This step is vital for businesses that cannot operate without full resource availability.

4. Booking All Required Resources

For products that require all resources, our code automatically books every necessary resource upon booking creation. This ensures no resource is left unallocated, streamlining the booking process for both the business and the customer.

5. Registering Actions for Status Changes

To start, we register actions for various booking status changes within WooCommerce:

This comprehensive approach ensures that no booking status change goes unnoticed, from payments pending to cancellations.

6. Updating Related Booking Statuses

When a booking's status changes, our custom function kicks in to adjust related bookings accordingly:

7. Identifying Related Bookings

Lastly, to ensure we can accurately update all relevant bookings, we've devised a method to identify all related bookings efficiently:

Tailoring the Solution to Your Needs

While this code serves as a powerful starting point, we understand the nuances of every business might require specific adjustments. That's where our expertise shines.

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