Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Pricing

What is the cost of designing and setting up a website?

The cost of a website depends on the features, functions and size of the sitemap. Pricing starts from $3,000 for a small business lead gen website. Thanks to our free mock ups and discovery sessions we can offer your business a fixed price proposal. Speak with one of our project managers about your budget and goals to make sure you are getting value for dollar.

While we cannot provide a specific price on the get-go, you can be assured of transparent and competitive pricing here at Morningstar Digital.

Why are your prices affordable?

All our websites are custom-designed to fit the individual needs of our clients. We provide high-quality products for our clients and do not take shortcuts.

We don’t see value in a team meeting to discuss the best sans-serif font that captures the essence of a brand. We go straight to the point and work on the designs and websites based on your needs. We have a pragmatic approach in working with our clients to ensure we provide all the features and functionalities they want for their website.

Why are your websites expensive?

We have a team of designers and developers who work on your custom website, we do not use templates or take shortcuts.

For custom design websites, we focus on quality rather than quantity. We provide the best value service available in the market.

Our three guiding principles at Morningstar Digital are high standard products, affordable pricing, and awesome customer service.

What are your payment terms?

We require a 40% deposit once the contract is signed. Then our Creative team creates the design for every page and you gather images and content – perhaps with copywriting help from us as that is usually the part that slows most projects down. Then, with your approval, it is a 40% deposit and we build you test site. When approved by you, the 20%  balance is paid prior to launch once the project is complete. 

Our Product

What is your timeline for designing and setting up a website?

While we normally finish the setup and design of our websites within four weeks, simple, one-page websites are completed faster. We were able to complete one basic website within 100 hours of sign off. We normally give clients a four-to-six week turnaround schedule on the websites we work on. If you provide the content and feedback as soon as possible, we can finish your website faster than the typical turnaround time. Normally rush websites will require an additional charge.

Your feedback on every step of the entire design and development process is encouraged. Since this is your website, you need to collaborate with us. Due to this, some projects take longer than the four-week timeline to finish. We will be with you in every step of the process.

Are your websites mobile friendly?

Yes, all our websites are mobile-friendly. 

My previous designer has the log-in and password details of my website. Can you help me?

We encounter these situations often. Since you own the domain name, you should have full access to the website. We will have to discuss all the details of the situation since these are handled on a case-to-case basis. Once we have all the details, we can work on finding the best solution to the issue. Please contact us and so we can work with you in gaining control of your website.

Do you provide content for my site?

We can provide the content you need for your site. We have a team of talented and experienced copywriters who can provide high-quality content to allow you to communicate your message to your target market. Our copywriters can also design the content to make it search-friendly on Google and other search engines.

Can you design my logo?

We also provide logo design services. Our skilled designers have the talent and skill to create eye-catching logos to enhance the appeal of your website to your audience.

Our Placement

Where are you located?

We are located in the Sunshine Coast in south east Queensland, Australia. While we love a face to face chat with local South East Queensland clients, we also have clients from around Australia. Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom are all our friends.

Is my business too big or too small to work with Morningstar Digital?

We work with all types of businesses, be it big or small. We have corporate and multi-site business clients all the way down to sole traders who work from home.   

We can start with your goals, and develop a strategy and budget that best suits your needs. Or we can start with a budget, and develop a strategy that best targets your goals.

Find out what Morningstar Digital can do for your business

Morningstar Digital works with you in creating, growing and maintaining an online presence. Dedicated project managers will help define your goals, develop a strategy, and manage every step of the implementation. We encourage regular input and feedback from our customers, but can fill in the blanks when needed.

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