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What Makes a Good Digital Agency?

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If you’re planning to have a website created, either for personal use or for business, you may have already considered hiring a professional to do the job for you. And honestly, that would be the best thing that you could do to ensure that your website turns out exactly how you want it to be. But how do you know if you’re hiring the right person? What questions should you ask them in order to know whether they are a perfect fit for the task or not?

Identifying your goals first-hand would significantly help in assessing the qualifications and services that a digital agency has to offer. While most digital marketing firms offer a wide range of services, there are some that only specializes on particular areas as their expertise is more inclined to those types of jobs. So we highly recommend having a solid idea of what you want done before starting your search for the digital agency that’s perfect for you, your goals and your business. The sooner the agency knows exactly what you’re aiming for, the better they can determine if they can really help you or not, which avoids wasting anyone’s time.

But before diving in to the actual attributes that make a good digital agency, let’s first briefly discuss why hiring a professional is way better than doing the website yourself. Web design and development are no easy tasks. A certain level of technical expertise is needed to produce a well-designed and clean website that converts to leads and sales. Aside from the required experience, it is also a fast-paced, constantly changing industry that only digital marketing specialists can keep up with – simply because it’s their job to be aware and updated about these things. On the other hand, you as a business owner, have other stuff to attend to and worry about. So better leave it to the experts and continue focusing on what you do best, which is running your own business.

So… without further ado, let’s look at the qualities that make a good digital agency:

Industry Experience and Specialization

Imagine hiring someone and realizing he doesn’t have the technical knowledge and experience fit for the specific task. Wouldn’t it be a waste of both precious time and money? In looking for a digital marketing agency, you need to ensure that they have a competent and well-experienced team that specializes on the specific areas required to efficiently finish your project. As mentioned earlier, knowing your exact goals will make your search easier and faster. For example, if your ultimate goal is to have a website that focuses on content marketing, you have to specifically ask the agency if they can produce content regularly while maintaining a blog that doesn’t require any work from you. In other words, find the agency that has the genuine abilities to transform your ideas into reality.

Competitive Portfolio

Being advertised as a decent digital agency is a good thing but having proof of the work that they do is everything! A portfolio with a collection of clients that the agency has worked with is a strong indication that you’re dealing with a legit digital marketing firm. It would even be better if they have experience in your industry as well. However, you might need to keep on searching if their portfolio is not as impressive as it should be or is nowhere to be found on their website. Remember, the receipts are important and they speak so much about the capabilities of an agency.

Good Communicators

Excellent listening and communication skills are also important traits to look for in selecting a digital agency. After all, most of your conversations with them will involve explaining your vision, clarifying a few things, modifying a few sections, etc. Initial consultations are crucial so pay attention to how their director or representative explains their services to you and what methods they are planning to use in helping you achieve your business goals. As the topics that they will be discussing with you will mostly be technical, they should also have the ability to relay these pieces of information with you in simple terms that you would understand.


Your agency of choice should be reachable at all times. From the moment you begin searching for them on the internet up to the completion of your website, you should be able to easily get a hold of them anytime you need to. A good way to find out how a company values accessibility is by checking their website and trying to know how easy it is to access their contact information or to schedule a consultation.

Efficient Tools and Practices

If the tools that your chosen agency will be using are the best in the industry, it is a clear sign that they know what they’re doing and want what’s best for their clients. The fact that they have invested on the right tools in order to build and maintain websites/campaigns properly make them a top player in the industry. It is also a plus if they can introduce these tools to you and justify why they are the best to utilize in working on your project. The way they do things also reflect their capabilities. So even if they can’t entirely communicate their exact processes with you, they at least should be able to give you a brief walk-through of how they manage projects and accomplish certain tasks.

Morningstar Digital is a digital marketing agency in Sunshine Coast QLD that creates captivating and functional websites that aim to help small to medium businesses build their brand and get remarkable results. Our web designers and developers are experts in translating a client’s objectives into their website while applying extensive quality assurance and compliance with the client’s preferences. As we are a company that sits with you to truly understand your goal and requirements, you can expect that your website will be created from scratch and will turn out unique to your brand.

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