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Our Foolproof Website Building Process

by Alex Carr02/08/2021
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With digital agencies left and right making various promises to make your business succeed and stand out online, how would you know who truly is capable of building a website that would represent your brand exactly as it should be?

Thousands of businesses online are intensely competing to win the approval of consumers – some of them may even be your direct competitors. So what you need is a proficient digital marketing team that can place you ahead of the game! A team that will take the time to know your business, tailor your online presence based on your unique branding, and produce a stunning, cost-efficient website that your business ought to have.

Morningstar Digital can be your partner in achieving this vision.

Now, you may ask… “What makes us different from other digital agencies promising the same thing?"

The answer is… OUR PROCESS!

Over the years of providing bespoke digital solutions to hundreds of small-medium sized businesses across Australia, we have devised and perfected a results-driven, collaborative and efficient web design and development process. This system helps us to:

  • properly identify your specific branding
  • determine what makes your business unique
  • make the most out of the resources you provide
  • properly utilise our tools and workforce

With all these at hand, we can produce results that are beyond your expectations and in line with your specific needs and objectives. So now… let’s get to it!

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As the initial stage of our project workflow, this is the point where we familiarise ourselves with the scope and requirements of the project in order to create concepts and assess the work required. With the involvement of our Customer Xperience (CX) Team and Creative Team, we ensure that projects go through this phase seamlessly through a systematic approach.

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1.1. Project Brief – Upon receiving your brief, we set up our systems right away for task assignments. We then explain to you our processes and ask for initial resources that we can use to conceptualise your initial website mock up.

1.2. Mockup Creation and Delivery – Our graphics team will design the initial mockup based on what we have learned about your business. This includes your current online presence, your branding, business competitors, the initial resources you have provided and your design preferences. Once the initial mock up is ready, we will present it to you and wait for your feedback.

1.3. Scope – As soon as we receive your response, all design comments, instructions and requests for revision will be considered and implemented to your final mockup. Any questions, clarifications and concerns about your mockup will also be resolved at this point.

1.4. Proposal Preparation and Confirmation – Based on the discussed scope, requirements and budget, we will draft a project proposal. Once signed and confirmed, we will then transition to the next phase of the project.


This is where our Creative Team completes the design of your website, ensuring all elements are in line with the project scope. This involves fulfilling all creative requirements, such as the logo and other branding materials, web content, overall theme, images, and other minor visual detailsMd Infographic Phase 2

The Creative Phase also includes the exchanges of client and internal feedback regarding the work being done. Needed revisions are also applied and any questions or concerns within this phase will be resolved. As a way to ensure that you are happy with the output that our Creative Team has produced, we will ask for your official sign-off to our final design. Once done, we will then head over to the next stage of our project.


This is the point where our design comes to life. Our Technical Team, involving our experienced web developers, go through the following steps in this phase:

Md Infographic Phase 33.1. Development – Using expertise and advanced tools, our developers will make your website function using WordPress, a powerful content management system (CMS) that we use on all websites we develop. Seamless user experience (UX) is what we aim for in this phase, so we make every effort to create an environment that is efficient and easy to navigate. This means ensuring that all features and functionalities work together to produce a smooth user interface.

3.2. Owner Access – It is important that you are happy with your website and familiar with how it works. We give you access to the test site to understand how the design (mockups) has been translated into a dynamic and responsive website. Your feedback is a significant part of the process.

3.3. Pre-launch QA – As a way to ensure that elements are working as they should, your website will go through a testing stage, in which we have a list of trial procedures to perform. Any errors/issues encountered along this stage will be resolved, until we reach a point where we can confirm that your website is 100% running optimally.

3.4. Sign-off – Like in the Creative Phase, we would also need your official sign-off before we can push your website to a live environment.

3.5. Go Live – Using our web hosting or yours, we will take care of all technical tools and elements needed to launch your website. We have done this hundreds of times! So you can be confident that our Go Live process will be smooth and error-free.

3.6. Post-Launch QA – After your website has been set to live and available publicly, we will still perform final checks and monitoring to ensure that all settings keep running as they should.


The final stage of our website building journey is when we handover all needed files and documents to you. All creative and technical assets needed to manage the site will be provided, as well as the final QA results. We will also answer all questions you may have regarding your live website. In support of your business, we announce your website launch across all our social media pages as well as on our website portfolio. This announcement also includes a brief information about your business and the products/services that you offer.

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We know that managing your website on your own may not be easy, especially if you also have a business to look after. That’s why we offer our Web Maintenance Services should you wish to continue our partnership and leave your website’s management on our hands. Our WordPress Website Maintenance services caters to all business needs and budgets. It consists of different monthly packages that will ensure peak site performance and security.

For more information about our Web Maintenance Services, visit this link.

We hope you find this post useful.

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