Just as a picture paints a thousand words, a logo will define your business. Your company logo serves as your branding, showing your audience what your company offers, as well as the standards your company upholds. It tells your business’ story in a single, powerful image.

Morningstar Digital can help you create that logo design that will send the right message and effectively attract your target audience to your brand, product, and service.

Benefits of a Powerful Logo Design

Project a bigger and established business. Companies with logos give the idea that they are committed and ready to take on the market.

Stand out from your competition. Most markets are filled with different businesses with similar product or service, each doing their best to be seen. Having the right logo design gives your company that visual edge, making customers see you and remember you more.

Attract the interest of new customers. Having the perfect logo design will grab the interest of potential customers who are shopping around for a certain product or service.

Establish brand identity. Successful companies are remembered more on their logo design rather than the actual product or service they cater. It builds memories and familiarity that can translate to a solid customer base.

Your Local Logo Designer in Sunshine Coast Queensland

Morningstar Digital is based on the Sunshine Coast and has an extensive network of customers in the Queensland area, including Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gympie, Buderim, Caloundra, Maroochydore, and Noosa.

Our Logo Designing Process

Your logo will define your company’s identity. As such, Morningstar Digital will keep you involved in each step of the company logo design process, from the initial stages of the design down to the completed, final logo.

Morningstar Digital provides mockups even before you pay a cent, making sure you are satisfied with logo design.


Tell us what you want by filling out a project brief. We encourage you to be as detailed as possible when filling it out. You can also indicate which images to use, or samples you want us to look at. Your completed project brief will be the guide our design team will use on creating your brochure or flyer.


Our expert team of graphic designers will start discussing the best ways to approach your project request, based on the project brief you filled out. At times, additional input from you, via your Account Manager, may be requested for our team to meet and exceed what the project needs.


This is where the magic happens. The graphic designers will start converting the discussed ideas into visual mockups. Different variations of the agreed design will be made during the process, so our design team will have a variety of options to choose from when finalizing the project.

Internal Review

After creating several drafts, the graphic designers, along with the other teams, will review the mockups to see which one will best meet what the brochure or flyer project asks. Having others to check our work makes sure we see what we do from different angles and provide the best output.

Client Presentation

Once the mockups are drafted, reviewed and revised, they will be presented to you for your final thoughts. We would love to know what you think about the mockups, as well as any modifications you want us to make. Any changes requested will be done as well on this stage.

Final Brochure

At this point, we will finalize everything, from the graphic design to the content and layout of the brochure or flyer. The final product will be presented to you for your approval. After final approval, the project will now move on to the final step of the process.


The final step of the process is for us to hand you over the details of the project. The handover package will include the designs, contents, and all other assets that were used by the team for the completion of your brochure or flyer project. You also have the option to have us print the brochure or flyers, or have it printed outside, so you choose.

What Is In A Powerful Logo Design

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when creating the perfect logo design

Keep it simple

Your company logo design can project the right message without being too busy. Smart, simple logo designs are easy on the eyes and fun to look at, while busy logo designs can look too cluttered and can turn off those who are looking at them.

Easy to scale

Company logo designs are used in all forms of media, may it be printed material like flyers, brochures, and billboards, or on digital form like websites and social media. It is important that your logo design retains the message you want to deliver, even if it is scaled down or enlarged for bigger printing.

Leave an Impression

Like any painting or artwork, your logo design must leave a mark on your target audience. Whether to convey what your company offers, your company values or to share your standards, your company logo must be the perfect representation.

Show who you are

As your logo design becomes an image for your company, it should reflect on what you do. Effective company logos revolve on your company’s main message, with every color and image in line with that message.

Logo Redesigning

Do you have an existing company logo design that feels outdated, or is your company under a rebranding phase? Then let Morningstar Digital work with you on redesigning your company logo.

A redesigned company logo will help reinvigorate your company branding, while not alienating your current customer base. It provides a modern, more attractive look without being too forgetting where your company started.

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