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New Leaf Horticultural Enterprise

Join New Leaf Horticultural Enterprise on a mission to inspire and empower our local community to grow good food sustainably. Discover the numerous benefits of growing your own food, from easy access to nutrient-dense produce to building a resilient and connected community.

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Our mission is to inspire and empower our local community to grow good food in a natural and sustainable way.

The ability to grow your own food has so many benefits. Easy access to nutrient-dense food, increased food security, and your food is as fresh as can be.

Low food miles are good for the environment. Walking out of your back door and picking some salad for your lunch is as close to home as it gets.

You can improve your soil while you are growing your own food. Sinking carbon into the ground while re-establishing a healthy microbiome is one of the most effective ways to rehabilitate our depleted environment.

Gardening is good for your physical and mental health. Growing food with children is a great way to give them positive experiences with vegetables while building a strong connection with the natural world.

Growing your own food will give you an abundance that you can share with your family, friends and neighbours creating connections and a resilience that creates strong communities and individuals.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start your veggie patch today : )

New Leaf Horticultural Enterprise

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