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Discover our wholesale eCommerce web development prowess through the EBMX project. Morningstar Digital delivers cutting-edge online platforms for bulk electric bike and E-Moto sales, featuring seamless user experiences, global distribution capabilities, and robust back-end integrations.

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The Challenge

At the vanguard of electric motorbike innovation, EBMX has carved out a niche in providing high-calibre electric bikes and E-Motos. Their clientele, with a penchant for the finer things in life, demands not just products but an experience that resonates with their high-octane lifestyle. The challenge laid before us was multifaceted: to construct a wholesale eCommerce platform that not only accentuates EBMX's hallmark Xtreme Electric Mods but also streamlines the intricate processes involved in global distribution, particularly the shipment of dangerous goods.

Our Approach

With a deep dive into EBMX's unique market position, Morningstar Digital set out to create more than just a website. Our vision was to forge a comprehensive wholesale eCommerce solution that would automate EBMX's sales pipeline, generate valuable leads, and provide a rich source of information for aficionados of electric motorbike modifications.

Solutions Delivered

  1. Custom Theme Development: A customised theme was meticulously crafted to mirror EBMX's brand ethos, with a focus on their signature colours and typefaces. This ensured a seamless and engaging user journey through the Xtreme Electric Mods catalogue.
  2. eCommerce Integration: A robust WooCommerce platform was implemented to manage a complex array of retail and wholesale transactions. This included multi-currency support and a country selector feature, essential for EBMX's global customer base.
  3. Shipping and Distribution Expertise: We integrated a sophisticated shipping module, designed to navigate the complexities of worldwide distribution, including the handling of dangerous goods, and to provide precise shipping cost calculations.
  4. Xero Integration: Streamlining EBMX's financial processes was paramount. The integration of Xero facilitated a seamless connection between the wholesale eCommerce activities and the company's accounting systems.
  5. SEO Strategy: A targeted SEO campaign was launched, focusing on strategic keywords such as "BAC8000," "SurRon Modifications," and "Xtreme Electric Mods," to capture organic traffic and solidify EBMX's online presence.
  6. Social Media Engagement: EBMX's social media platforms were harnessed by integrating their Instagram and Facebook feeds, thus enhancing user engagement and funnelling traffic to the wholesale eCommerce site.
  7. Content Strategy: The website's structure was carefully planned to include key sections such as FAQs, galleries, testimonials, and a contact form. Each element was designed to engage visitors, providing them with the information they need and guiding them towards making a purchase.


EBMX's new website is a vibrant showcase of their commitment to "Think Electric...Ride EBMX." The interface, with its modern and user-friendly design, has significantly enhanced the customer journey, from initial interest to the final purchase. The site's eCommerce functionality has not only streamlined the sales process but also provided a significant boost to the company's operational efficiency. The SEO efforts have been particularly fruitful, positioning EBMX as a thought leader in the electric motorbike modification market.


"Partnering with Morningstar Digital has been a game-changer for our online strategy. The new website is not just visually stunning but also incredibly functional, equipping us with the tools necessary for effective business management. Our customers have expressed immense satisfaction with the new platform, and we've observed a substantial uptick in sales since the launch." - Belinda Parker, EBMX Pty Ltd


The partnership between EBMX Pty Ltd and Morningstar Digital has injected a new dynamism into the e-bike market. By thoroughly understanding the client's requirements and delivering a customised wholesale eCommerce solution, EBMX is now superbly equipped to accelerate its journey towards becoming an international beacon in electric motorbike modifications and sales. The project's success is a testament to the power of collaborative innovation and a shared vision for excellence in the electric mobility space.

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