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Experience the transformative power of decluttering and organisation with A Practical Sort. Founded by Amy George, our team offers comprehensive sorting, organising, and decluttering services across Southeast Queensland.

A Practical Sort, founded by Amy George, offers sorting, organising and decluttering services throughout Southeast Queensland. Their mantra is not one of minimalism, but one of structure and function. Offered services also include packing things away neatly, improving the use of current space, downsizing and estate clearance, space planning and consultation, hoarding assistance and other additional services.

Amy and her team are not only passionate about helping people reclaim and efficiently use their spaces. They are also committed to helping save the environment in their own ways. This involves assisting clients in keeping their belongings well and properly disposing the things that they are ready to let go of.

With the belief that clearing physical space can also contribute to achieving better mental and emotional health, A Practical Sort would love for you attain a renewed living experience that promotes peace of mind and freedom from lack of space.

Reach out to them on 0403607264 or visit their contact page.

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