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Eastern Zone Abalone Industry Association

Established in 1999, the Eastern Zone Abalone Industry Association Inc. (EZAIA) stands as the authoritative voice for the Eastern Zone, home to one of the world's last sustainable wild-catch abalone fisheries. Our mission is to provide an effective, credible, and professional platform for our members to champion environmental stewardship and ensure the longevity of this precious marine resource.

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Home to one of the last sustainable wild-catch abalone fisheries in the world, Victoria has three zones namely Western, Central and Eastern. Among the zones, the Eastern Zone has been recognized as the most productive fishing region in Victoria.

Established in 1999, the Eastern Zone Abalone Industry Association Inc. (EZAIA) has been providing an effective, credible, and professional voice for its members to preserve and maintain the strong environmental stewardship of the resource.

To achieve this, EZAIA encourages people to try their fresh abalone that’s guaranteed safe and has undergone strict safety measures in compliance with the Fisheries Regulation 2019. These measures include having a deckhand to supervise the vessel, the diver and the collection, measurement and containment of abalone catch. They also have a separate and ongoing activity conducted by abalone divers for the removal and density control of sea urchins.

When talking about abalone, people would normally think that cooking the seafood would be difficult but surprisingly, it’s not and EZAIA can prove that.

If you’re looking for a unique seafood taste experience, your cravings can be found through Eastern Zone Abalone Industry Association Inc. EZAIA offers fresh abalone that’s hand-harvested by an experienced diver in one of the Mallacoota reef areas of the Tasman Sea. Just call 0498 074 978 or fill in the inquiry form online.

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