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Keyword Rank Checker Tool

Track All Types of Google Results, Including SERP Features

Check rankings across traditional organic results, SERP features (Knowledge Panel, videos, images, maps, hotels, People also ask, and more), as well as paid results (ads, Places, shopping and hotels).

WebCEO tracks all these types of results and shows special icons for each type of rank result in your SEO ranking report.

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Check Keyword Rankings in Desktop and Mobile Search

With WebCEO’s Keyword Rank Checker software, you can easily track rankings of the same set of keywords in Mobile search and Desktop search: these results may differ dramatically!

Just select a mobile version of each targeted search engine in the WebCEO Rank Tracker settings.

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Track Keyword Rankings for Multiple Locations

With WebCEO, you will now have a local keyword rank checker, so now you can check rankings across 370+ search engines for multiple locations, and even narrow your search down to the city or zip code.

Enjoy using the best-of-breed local keyword rank checker and see the full picture of your site visibility on various search engines, including all locations that might be used by your target audience.

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See How Well You Stack Up on SEs Against Your Competitors

With the WebCEO Rank Tracker Tool, you can see:

  • The average listing position of your competitors and compare it to yours
  • The site visibility of each competitor (Site Visibility is based on how many top positions your keywords hold on the results pages of targeted search engines, weighted by the search popularity of each keyword),
  • Detailed keyword rankings for each competing website including yours
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Start Monitoring Your Keyword Rankings

Website Backlink Checker

Discover Your Backlink Profile & Increase Your Link Diversity

Get a full list of domains linking to your website with the Linking Domains report. Inspect whether the linking domains are diverse enough using the WebCEO Backlink Checker. Prove your website’s authority and make your backlink profile powerful.

Remember! It’s better to get a link from 100 domains each than 100 links from one domain.

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Get Detailed Metrics for any Website

Get critical insights from the WebCEO bulk backlink checker reports. Determine whether the links are good using backlink analysis metrics: anchor texts, Domain Trust Flow, Domain Citation Flow, Alexa Traffic Rank. Explore your competitors’ backlink profiles as well and find your own weak backlinks.

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Keep an Eye on Your Most Linked Pages

Discover what pages of your website have the most backlinks in the ‘My Most Linked Pages’ report. Fine-tune those pages to earn the highest rankings and a significant amount of visitors. Check backlinks of a specific page by clicking ‘Details’. The WebCEO Backlink Checker Tool helps you to easily analyze the anchor texts of backlinks to make them work for you and help search engines understand what your website is about.

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Analyze Your Backlink Profile at a Glance

The WebCEO Backlink Checker Tool helps you quickly estimate the number of backlinks pointing to your website, the anchor texts most often used, the diversity and authority of linking domains, the ratio of toxic vs non-toxic links. Our link analysis tool will notify you about any backlink changes so you can react as quickly as possible.

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Analyze your link profile with the WebCEO Backlink Checker Tool

Competitor Backlink Checker

Get Backlink Opportunities Sorted by Those Most Likely to Link Back

With WebCEO’s Competitor Backlink Spy Tool, you’ll get a breakdown of sites that link to several important competitors of yours at one time.

These are the most ideal backlink opportunities and you can then start right away to build links.

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Analyze Backlink Quality Using Important Metrics

Use important backlink metrics to analyze each link for quality and relevance: URL Trust Flow, Citation Flow and Domain Trust Flow, the number of inbound/outbound links, Domain Primary Topic and Topical Trust Flow (all powered by Majestic).

WebCEO’s Competitors Backlink tool also provides you with the Alexa Traffic Rank, domain IP address, backlink text and the other backlink info. You can also weed out nofollow links and toxic links by using handy filters.

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Build Only Safe Links, No Toxic Links

WebCEO’s Competitive link finder takes care of your backlinks and detects toxic links by using its proprietary and customizable toxicity formula*. Some of these factors are the number of outbound links on a linking page, the number of backlinks from the same domain, site-wide links, backlinks from the same subnet, etc.

* You can always fine-tune the formula in the Competitor Backlink Spy settings.

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Understand the Context of Each Competitor Backlink

Use the Show backlink texts feature to see the context of each link at a glance, without visiting each backlink donor and trying to find where exactly the backlink is located on a donor page and what it looks like.

This will save your time and help you better understand what they would say in a link to you.

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Run Automated Backlink Discoveries

Set WebCEO’s Competitive link finder to check competitor backlinks on a regular basis and find backlink opportunities weekly, monthly or quarterly.

The scan schedule of the WebCEO Competitor Backlink Spy Tool is super-flexible. You can even set a specific day of the week, or a date each month to repeat the task.

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Find Competitor Backlinks and Build Yours

Competitor Backlink Checker

Google Analytics Combined with Your SEO Data:

Keep your marketing analytical data all in one place, including the most essential Google Analytics reports, keyword ranking reports and SEO analysis data, backlink stats, competitor SEO metrics and more. Just connect your GA account to WebCEO and enjoy the all-in-one reporting.

Competitor Traffic Data Powered by Alexa:

You definitely have no access to your competitors’ Google Analytics accounts. Still there is a way to sneak a look at their visitor traffic trends: WebCEO aggregates data from Alexa so you can now stack your performance against up to 6 competing domains.

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