To all clients (past, present and future),

As I am sure everyone is aware, we have seen an initial round of businesses being shut down as of midday today. As we see our customers plan and move their businesses we wanted to assist with your digital communications.

As lock downs and self isolation increases we are expecting an increasing amount of users to find up to date information online.

Are you open for business?
Yes or no, let your customers know. Update your social media and Google My Business accounts. Google has advised of delays to Google My Business updates for non-essential businesses. Get in early. As far as we are aware Google By Business posts are still being displayed with out delay. Regardless of your website management level with us we are offering all our customers a pop up on your website for no additional charges. Please forward your requests to Please include content for fast turn around.

Have you had a change in trading conditions?
If you need more complex information page on your website explaining changes in trading conditions we are recommending a COVID-19 page. This will enable you to provide a link to customers to give them up to date and relevant information. We are offering discounted page rate of $150 for COVID-19 updates. This will include 12 months of free updates to the page, and the ability for you to edit yourself. Please forward your requests to Please include content for fast turn around.

Do you have a commercial kitchen?
For food business that have been shut down, we are recommending moving to Uber Eats, MenuLog, or a similar provider. This will enable you to move quickly and open up to potential new clients. Regardless of your website management level with us we are offering order now buttons for no additional charges, this will enable you to redirect users to your chosen platform. Please forward your requests to Please include URL link to your chosen platform for fast turn around.

Do you want to start selling your products online?
Morningstar Digital can assist with a range of strategies to get your products online. If you want to move quickly, eBay and Amazon. Alternatively if you want to convert your website traffic we can help with adding eCommerce functionality to your website. Prices start from $2,500. Please forward your requests to

Your digital team,

Morningstar Digital

Alex Carr & Michael Gibson